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Meaghan is a true Georgia peach with a passion for meteorology, entertainment & the hard of hearing. Her daily routine focuses on broadcasting the morning weather, facilitating her nonprofit, The Heart of Hearing, and hosting her well-established, fan following podcast, "Biscuits & Jam."


Meaghan Thomas is a broadcast meteorologist for the ABC affiliate, WKRN, in Nashville, Tennessee. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast News & Geography from the University of Alabama then completed her master’s degree in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University.  She also holds the prestigious AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist seal.


Along with meteorology, Meaghan’s passions involve bringing awareness to the hard of hearing, Deaf & deaf communities. She proudly wears bi-lateral hearing aids and wants to encourage others that being different makes you special. She created a Non-Profit, The Heart of Hearing, Inc. to raise funding for young professionals who cannot afford hearing aids.


In addition, Meaghan is the author of the children's book, Heart of Hearing.  Heart of Hearing is an animated & entertaining story for children that encourages them to wear their aids. It highlights aspects of the world around us that would be missed if one chooses not to wear them and helps hearing children understand why one wears aids. A portion of the proceeds goes directly to the non-profit, The Heart of Hearing, Inc.

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